Creating Transparency in Healthcare

The Excel Health Advantage

What is it?

The Excel Health Market Intelligence Portal™ is an easy to use, web-based gateway into the largest and most up to date database in the healthcare world. With our sophisticated analytics compiled from billions of claims, we give you access to timely and factual analysis of patient flows, market trends, and key performance indicators for networks, facilities, and individual providers. Our solutions are intuitive and web-based, so there is no complicated set up – in fact, we can have your whole team up and running the next day.

What does it do for you?

Excel Health allows you to see the performance of your facilities, networks, and individual caregivers versus those of your competitors. Identify patients flows through care continuums to uncover opportunities you could only imagine before. Arm yourself with the key performance metrics you need to win. Because the data is current and based on actual claims, you can make decisions with confidence. Excel Health helps you thrive in the demanding and competitive world of Value Based Care!

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Excel for Hospice

The Excel Market Intelligence Portal™ for Hospice was first released in February, 2016 and is available now.  


Excel for Homecare

The Excel Market Intelligence Portal™ for Homecare is coming soon.

Excel for Hospitals

The Excel Market Intelligence Portal™ for Hospitals is coming soon.

Excel for Post-acute Care Facilities

The Excel Market Intelligence Portal™ for Post-acute Care is coming soon.